Sewoo LKP21 Wireless POS Printer

  • Model: Sewoo LKP21
  • Receipt only
  • Prints at 80mm per second
  • Dual headed MSR(Optional)
  • Drop resistance : 1.2M onto concrete

৳ 27,000

The Sewoo LKP21 Wireless POS Printer is a versatile and compact device designed for receipt printing in various Point of Sale (POS) environments. Here are more details about its features:

1. Receipt-Only Printing:

  • The printer is specifically designed for receipt printing, making it an ideal choice for POS applications where generating transaction receipts is a primary requirement.

2. Lightweight and Durable:

  • Weighing only 240g with the battery, the LKP21 is a lightweight solution, ensuring portability and ease of use. Despite its lightness, it boasts a robust and durable structure, making it suitable for demanding and fast-paced retail environments.

3. Compact Size:

  • The printer features a compact size, measuring 80mm x 132.5mm x 46.8mm (width x depth x height). This small footprint is advantageous for businesses with limited counter space or those in need of a mobile printing solution.

4. Drop Resistance:

  • With a drop resistance of 1.2 meters onto concrete, the LKP21 is designed to withstand accidental drops and impacts, ensuring durability in various working conditions.

5. Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery:

  • The printer is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, providing the convenience of wireless printing. The battery has a capacity to print approximately 130 meters or 1300 pieces of receipts on a single charge.

6. Printing Speed:

  • The LKP21 achieves a printing speed of 80mm per second, ensuring efficient and quick receipt generation, contributing to a smoother customer checkout process.

7. Dual-Headed MSR (Optional):

  • For enhanced functionality, the printer offers an optional Dual-Headed Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), providing the capability to read magnetic stripe cards. This is beneficial for transactions and customer identification.

8. Power Options:

  • The printer supports versatile power options, including an AC/DC charger and a vehicle charger (12/24V). This flexibility ensures that the printer can be powered conveniently in various settings, whether at a fixed point of sale or on the go.

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