Latest Toner Price in Bangladesh | Best Laser Printer and Photocopier Toner Collection in BD

In Bangladesh, toner cartridges play a vital role in producing high-quality prints and copies through laser printers and photocopiers. Understanding the nuances of toner cartridges, including brands, prices, and usage, can enhance your printing experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to toner cartridges in Bangladesh.

Understanding Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges are essential components in laser printers and photocopiers. They contain refined plastic dust or powder mixture, which facilitates the printing of text and images on paper. Unlike inkjet printers, which use liquid ink cartridges, laser printers rely on toner cartridges for printing.

Best Toner Cartridge Brands in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, several brands offer quality toner cartridges. Some of the best brands include: HP, Toshiba, Brother, Canon, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, Pantum.

These brands provide a diverse range of toner cartridges suitable for various printer models and printing requirements.

Toner Cartridge types are available in two main types

  • Disposable: These cartridges are meant for one-time use and are disposed of after depletion.
  • Refillable: Refillable cartridges allow users to replenish toner powder once it depletes, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

When to Replace Toner

Knowing when to replace toner is crucial for maintaining print quality. Signs indicating the need for toner replacement include faded prints and low toner warnings displayed by the printer. It’s advisable to replace toner promptly to avoid compromising print quality.

Toner Refilling Considerations

While toner cartridges can be refilled multiple times, it’s essential to exercise caution. Original toner cartridge drums can typically be refilled 2-3 times at most, depending on the brand. However, excessive refilling may damage the printer. It’s recommended to follow manufacturer guidelines and avoid over-refilling.

Page Yield and Duty Cycle

The page yield of a toner cartridge refers to the number of pages it can print before requiring replacement. On average, a toner cartridge can print between 1000 to 4000 pages, while high-capacity cartridges can exceed 12000 pages. Page yield varies across brands and models, with color cartridges generally printing fewer pages than black cartridges.

Difference Between Toner and Ink Cartridges

Toner cartridges utilize finely refined plastic powder, while ink cartridges contain liquid ink. Laser printers melt toner powder onto paper, whereas inkjet printers spray microscopic droplets of ink onto paper surfaces.

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