Xiaomi Mi ZNCZ02CM Smart Socket Home Switch

  • Model: Mi ZNCZ02CM
  • Output: AC180-250V
  • Maximum Power: 2200W, 10A
  • Features:
    • LED indicator
    • Wireless Type: WiFi 2.4GHz

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The Xiaomi Wi-Fi version of Smart Socket is designed to elevate users’ lifestyles by adding intelligence and convenience to their homes. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Mi Home App Integration: Seamlessly integrates with the Mi Home app, allowing users to monitor and control their smart sockets remotely from their smartphones or tablets.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control: This enables users to remotely monitor and switch on/off the home devices connected to the smart socket, providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

  • Electrical Hazard Prevention: Helps prevent electrical hazards by allowing users to manage power usage and switch off devices when not in use, promoting safety within the home environment.

  • Reduced Power Consumption: With significantly reduced power consumption compared to other smart sockets, this device contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings over time.

  • Pairing with Xiaomi Multifunctional Gateway: For enhanced functionality and ease of use, pairing the smart socket with the Xiaomi Multifunctional Gateway is recommended. This combination enhances the overall smart home experience.

The Xiaomi Wi-Fi version of Smart Socket offers users a smart and comfortable living experience, empowering them to control their home devices effortlessly and efficiently.

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